Music Therapy for Vision Impaired Populations

At Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta, we offer private & group music therapy sessions to individuals with vision impairment. Visual impairments may be stable or progressive in nature. Impairments may also be comorbid with other physical or mental impairments. Socioemotional development is usually stunted by over protectiveness or maladaptive relationships with peers and parents resulting in helplessness & dependency. Motor development is generally stunted by the lack of opportunity for learning mobility. Music therapists at Muse for Life are aware of all of these considerations, and each therapist is experienced and qualified to provide effective treatment.

MusicTherapy Goals for Vision Impairment

* To develop orientation & mobility

* To promote social skills & interpersonal communication

* To provide an outlet for appropriate emotional expression

* To provide sensory stimulation to redirect mannerisms such as rocking or self-stimulation that usually accompany visual impairment


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