Music Therapy for Psychiatric Disorders

At Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta, we provide private & group music therapy sessions for all individuals with psychiatric disorders. Music therapy utilizes lyric analysis, playing music, improvisation, music composition, moving to music & integrating music with arts to treat a variety of psychiatric conditions, including schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorder, ADHD, substance abuse comorbidity and depression. Music therapy is designed specifically to complement additional pharmacological measures, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. Some goals are specific to each condition. Additional goals are assessed based upon which level of treatment an individual is experiencing.

MusicTherapy Goals for Psychiatric Disorders

Level 1 (supportive, activity-oriented music therapy)

* To improve social interaction & awareness of others

* To maintain reality orientation

* To provide diversion from neurotic concerns

* To increase appropriate involvement in social activities

* To increase impulsive behavior control

Level 2 (re-educative, insight & process-oriented music therapy)

* To identify & express feelings

* To improve problem solving abilities

* To increase awareness of behaviors

* To facilitate behavioral change

Level 3 (reconstructive, analytical & catharsis oriented music therapy)

* To facilitate uncovering, reliving or resolving subconscious conflicts

* To engage in passive music listening & responding

* To practice lyric analysis

* To practice playing music

* To engage in improvisation

* To understand musical applications of the terms "structured & free" and "assigned parts."

* To compose music

* To move to music

* To integrate music with the arts

* To use music for recreation and relaxation

The treatment goal for schizophrenia is to improve reality orientation. Goals specific to bipolar disorder, ADHD, substance abuse and depression are to increase awareness of self, increase self esteem & to improve coping skills. Goals for treating personality disorders are to increase awareness & improve social behaviors. Similarly goals for anxiety disorders are to increase awareness, improve coping skills and change behaviors.


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