Music Therapy for Populations with Orthopedic Handicaps

At Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta, we give private & group music therapy sessions for individuals with orthopedic handicaps. Orthopedic handicaps which respond well to music therapy include Muscular Dystrophy & Cerebral Palsy. All music therapists at Muse for Life have been trained to have thorough awareness of each disability's specific cause, diagnosis & treatment requirements. All therapists are familiar with techniques for transferring patients from a bed to a chair, or from lying into a sitting position. Therapists are also familiar with physical therapy techniques of limb & muscle manipulation & massage.

MusicTherapy Treatment Goals for Orthopedic Handicaps

* To improve academic skills

* To improve social skills

* To improve emotional skills

* To improve physical skill development

* To rehabilitate muscles used for movement, posture & respiration

* To improve sensory perception in the auditory, visual & tactile modes

* To enhance normal development by providing rewarding recreation & leisure activities

* To improve communication skills


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