Music Medicine Sessions

Music Medicine Sessions ™ combine Music Therapy, Yoga, and Traditional Healing Practices into one complete path of health & self realization.

Music Therapy is an evidence-based practice that uses music in various ways to facilitate therapeutic outcomes. Depending on the individual & personal characteristics of each recipient of therapy, music therapy employs methods and techniques that use the various elements of music to therapeutically address communication/language issues, cognitive/behavioral/academic concerns, motor skills, emotional skills, and social skills. The specific strength and needs are evaluated, a formal assessment is written based upon the evaluations, and a treatment plan is designed. Each treatment plan includes specific session plans & goals that are based upon each recipient’s primary strengths and needs. The treatment process works to achieve these goals through observable tracking of objectives and outcomes.

Music has been used for thousands of years to facilitate the healing process. Within most cultures and societies of the world, traditional healers have included the use of music within healing rituals and practices. Although the names of these healers& practices differ globally, there are similarities, and one thing is for certain. Music is considered to be essential. Understanding the exact reasoning from a “western” scientific point of view may take a more in depth look into the specific definitions of music and medicine employed by these traditional healers.

Traditional medicinal practices tend to view health in terms of relationship. Each individual is in relationship with themselves, their community, their surroundings, the elements, and all of nature. If any of these relationships are out of balance, then sickness & dis-ease may result. So, generally, traditional forms of medicine were holistic and approached health and healing through strengthening, supporting, balancing, and harmonizing all levels of these relationships. Traditional medicinal practices tend to view humans and human functioning as a part of nature as opposed to separate or above nature. Therefore, aligning and harmonizing with natural cycles and rhythms is a natural path of health within traditional medicine.

In the same light, traditional healers did not view music or musical instruments as merely an attractive tool to be used. Instead, music was viewed as the natural expression & language of nature and the uni-verse, or ONE SONG. Through musical expression, people could commune with this language, and, once in communion, balancing, harmonizing, and healing would intuitively occur. Different rhythms and instruments can embody and connect to different aspects of nature. Through the active playing of the healer, the instruments become a medium for healing energy. The healer is simply an agent that responds to the natural language and guides a person into their own natural healing ability.

Yoga is a practice of traditional healing that has existed for over 7,000 years. Yoga is a scientific and systematic philosophy for living that unites the mind, body, and spirit into total health. Although the various techniques and practices of yoga are diverse & great in number, all work towards the same goal of uniting the practitioner with the unity of nature and activating their own personal ability to heal. The implementation of music in various forms is a core aspect within yogic philosophy. Yoga is one form of traditional medicine, and music is one of yoga’s most ancient and treasured practices.

Informed by the evidence-based practices of music therapy, yoga, and the traditional use of music by traditional healers, Music Medicine Sessions ™ employ time tested methods in a systematic process which focuses on therapeutically bringing patients into a state of complete & balanced health and well-being. Through the development of greater and greater subtle awareness about themselves and the world around them, recipients learn to heal themselves dynamically.

Each Music Medicine Session ™ Program includes 3 evaluation sessions.

After the evaluation period is complete and a thorough individual assessment has been written, specific session plans tailored to each individual’s goals are designed.

Although specific activities and techniques will be supplemented based upon the individual, each Music Medicine Session ™ post-evaluation period will include:

I. Tuning in- Recipients TUNE IN to their present personal resonance through toning.(This allows for centering & stillness of both the mind & senses while also allowing therapist to observe present tonality of recipient)

II. Body Tune Up- Yoga stretching, breathing, & asana practices combined with therapeutic music to open and tune the body

III. Rhythmic Energy Sweeping- an ancient practice of clearing and sweeping the emotional & energetic field of the physical body using shakers & other instruments

IV. Supplementary Activities- music therapy models, yoga, and/or traditional healing practices tailored to the individual according to their personalized assessment.

V or VI. Rhythmic Movement- improvisational rhythm is used to guide personal therapeutic movements that aid catharsis, physiological/psychological balancing, expression, and overall system stimulation.

VI or V. Tone Massage- Bells, bowls, tuning forks, vocalization, and didgeridoo are played over and around the body in order to open, ground, and circulate needed resonance within the body & energy field while intentionally recorded binaural frequencies and isochronic tones are used to entrain the brain & circadian rhythms of the body. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming/the language of hypnosis) & visualization may be used to deepen connection to energy, as well as organize psychology & transition emotional residues.

VII. Relaxation into Natural Stillness- Silence & stillness begin this phase where guided relaxation is combined with a simple progression of nature sounds to facilitate deep connection.


3 Evaluation Sessions + Assessment = $275

Sessions Cost = $75/session


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