Music Therapy for Learning Disabilities

At Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta, we offer private & group music therapy sessions to individuals with all types of learning disabilities and challenges. Music therapy works effectively to treat learning disabilities partly because music is a language inherently structured, sequential and logically organized. For this reason, it can be used to train, coordinate, improve and teach various learning processes. According to the specific etiology and diagnosis of each learning disability, music therapy at Muse for Life can be individually tailored to meet specific needs. The elements of music and their relationships with both the mind and the body are vast, and they can be effectively adapted to facilitate and support learning and academic processing on all levels and at all stages, whether related to pre academic skills, mathematical skills, reading and comprehension skills, or language and communication skills.

MusicTherapy Goals for Learning Disabilities

* Improved on task behavior

* Improved attention span

* Improved information processing

* Improved retention of information

* Improved writing skills

* Improved reading skills

* Improved reading comprehension

*Improved strategizing skills

* Following multi-step directions

* Improved problem solving skills

* Improved communication skills


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