Music Therapy for Injury Rehabilitation

At Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta, we give private & group music therapy sessions for individuals who have suffered injuries of various types. Because of music's multi-sensory nature, music therapy can work on many levels for injury rehabilitation.

On the musculo-skeletal level, playing various instruments can help to facilitate movements, muscular development, and proper bone growth within areas that have been effected by an injury.

On a cognitive level, music therapy can facilitate cognitive developement and retraining for physical areas and functioning that has been impacted by an injury.

On the social level, music therapy sessions provide a context for socialization with the injury.

On the emotional level, music therapy provides a safe container for individuals to express their feelings related to the injury, and to develop healthy outlets for stress.

MusicTherapy Goals for Injury Rehabilitation

Goals for using music therapy for injury rehabilitation and recovery are numerous and vary according to specific injury. Generally, the areas covered are:

Motor Skills:

To maintain proper function,

To retrain abilities,

To develop coordination


Cognitive Skills:

To improve neuromuscular interactions through tailored cognitive motor tasks,

To develop cognitive abilities effected by injury

Emotional Skills:

To healthily express feelings about injury,

To learn healthy emotional outlets



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