Music Therapy for Hearing Impaired Populations

At Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta, we give private & group music therapy sessions to individuals with hearing impairment. Whether the hearing loss is conductive, sensorineural, mixed, central, congenital, adventitious, prelingual, or postlingual, music therapists at Muse for Life are qualified to provide effective treatment.

MusicTherapy Considerations

*Perceptual abilities & frequency ranges according to type of loss

*Assistive devices

*Using tactile or visual cues

*Melodic progression, contour, & size of pitch changes

*Whether or not loss is congenital or adventitious/Can comparisons be made to earlier hearing experiences?

*Accommodations/Acoustical/Language abilities or communicative modes

Music Therapy Goals for Hearing Impairment

* To improve speech production

* Increased use of voice in free vocalization

* Increased awareness of speech patterns, production

* of natural speech rhythms, pitch, and inflections

* To reinforce language development

* To improve auditory training

* To detect, discriminate, identify & comprehend sounds

* To provide tactile feedback

* To increase social & emotional skills

* To increase autonomy & self-determination


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