Music Therapy for Populations with Developmental Disabilities

At Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta, we give private & group music therapy sessions for all individuals with developmental disabilities. Development disabilities that respond to music therapy include mild mental retardation (6th grade academic level), moderate mental retardation (2nd grade academic level) and severe and profound mental retardation with delayed or completely arrested social skills. Developmental disabilities confounded with musculoskeletal defects and debilitating emotional and psychiatric problems are also responsive along with conditions affiliated with skilled nursing populations.

MusicTherapy Treatment Goals for Developmental Disabilities

* To improve social skills

* To improve emotional behavior

* To improve motor skills

* To improve communication skills

* To improve preacademic skills, including attention span, following directions, eye contact

* To improve academic skills, including color identification (object classification); grouping objects by size, number or attribute (seriation); learning up/down & in/out (spatial relationships) & recognizing order of 1 st, 2nd & last (temporal relationships)* To provide leisure activities


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