Music Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

At Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta, we give private & group music therapy sessions for individuals with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a group of congenital disorders that involves brain and nervous system functions, such as movement, learning, hearing, seeing, and thinking. There are several different types of cerebral palsy, including spastic, dyskinetic, ataxic, hypotonic, and mixed. Cerebral palsy is caused by injuries or abnormalities of the brain. Symptoms can be


* Musculoskeletal

including abnormal gait, tight joints, tremors, loss of coordination, floppy muscles


* Brain & Nervous System Related

including Decreased intelligence, Speech problems, Seizures, Pain, Poor motor control

* Digestive


Music therapy helps to aid each individuals in as being as independent as possible.

• Music therapists must have a thorough awareness of each disabilities specific cause, diagnosis, & treatment requirements

• Music therapists must be familiar in techniques for transferring patients from a bed to a chair, or from lying into a sitting position.

• Music therapists must be familiar with physical therapy techniques of limb & muscle manipulation & massage


MusicTherapy Goals for Cerebral Palsy

• To increase self determination

• To improve academic skills

• To improve social skills

• To improve emotional skills

• To improve physical skill development

• To rehabilitate muscles used for movement, posture, & respiration

• To improve sensory perception in the auditory, visual, and tactile modes

• To enhance normal development by providing rewarding recreation & leisure activities

• To improve communication skills


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