Music Therapy With Autism

As a board-certified music therapist with multiple years experience, Craig specializes in working with autistic children and adults. Treatment involves programming that provides educational, linguistic, cognitive, and behavior training. Education focuses on social behavior skills, independent living & self-help skills, sensorimotor development, cognitive development and language development. Cognitive-behavioral training includes deciding on a task, analyzing the child’s functional behavior, breaking the task down into a logical sequence or learning steps with gradually increasing complexity, structuring the child’s responses and environmental stimuli and monitoring progress and altering the training approach if needed. Professionals working with autistic children must insist on eye contact, use frequent recall of attention and repetition of instructions in consistent wording and encouragement of perseverance in performance.

Music Therapy Goals for Clients with Autism

* To improve gross and fine motor coordination

* To increase attention spanTo develop body awareness

*To develop concept of self

*To develop social skills

*To develop life skills & independence

*To develop verbal & nonverbal communication skills

*To facilitate learning of basic academic & preacademic concepts

*To improve cognitive skills & abstract or inferential thinking

*To interrupt & alter ritualistic & repetitive behavior

*To reduce anxiety, tantrums & hyperactivity

*To improve transitional skills & ability to cope with change

*To improve motor skills

*To train sensory perception & sensorimotor integration


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