Music Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease

At Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta, we give private & group music therapy sessions for individuals who suffer from Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's is a form of dementia that affects memory, thinking, language, judgment, and behavior due to a loss of brain function. Like many other forms of dementia, Alzheimer's disease is degenerative, meaning that it is nonreversible. Alzheimer's is also progressive, meaning symptoms get worse over time. Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia.


Alzheimer's symptoms include difficulty with many areas of mental function, including:

language, memory, perception, emotional behavior or personality, and cognitive skills (such as calculation, abstract thinking, or judgment)


The early symptoms of Alzheimer's can include:

*Difficulty performing tasks that take some thought, but that used to come easily, such as balancing a checkbook,

*Learning new information or routines,

*Getting lost on familiar routes,

*Language problems, such as trouble finding the name of familiar objects,

*Losing interest in things you previously enjoyed,

*Flat mood,

*Misplacing items,

*Personality changes and loss of social skills, which can lead to inappropriate behaviors


Music Therapy Techniques and Methods for Alzheimer's disease include:


Reality Orientation

*To provide client with accurate & consistent information about his or her environment & improve self-awareness


Sensory Training

*To restore contact with the environment through maintenance & improvement of sensory function


MusicTherapy Goals for Alzheimer's Disease

• To increase upper & lower extremity strength

• To promote social interaction

• To stimulate long term memory

• To improve short term memory

• To improve & maintain cognitive abilities

• To improve reality orientation

• To increase self-esteem

• To encourage relaxation & reduce stress

• To improve verbal skills

• To improve personal hygiene

• To strengthen sensory training

• To improve communication skills

• To reduce maladaptive behavior

• To enhance reminiscence

• To improve motor & verbal behaviors

• To maintain levels of participation

• To decrease wandering

• To assist in information recall

• To reduce agitation




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