Music Therapy for Addiction

At Muse for Life in Sandy Springs Atlanta, we give private & group music therapy sessions for individuals who struggle with addiction. Recovering addicts respond well to a multitude of music therapy techniques. These include providing a positive and highly structured environment, practicing passive listening and responding, lyric analysis, playing music, improvising, composing music, moving to music, experiencing music with integrated arts and using music for recreation and relaxation. Ultimately, music therapy sessions provide a healthy and motivating context to resolve underlying issues that lead to unhealthy behavior patterns, while also learning knew coping mechanisms and adaptive strategies.

MusicTherapy Goals for Addiction

* To increase self-awareness, self-control, & self esteem

* To experience and increased sense of autonomy

* To improve coping mechanisms for stress

* To improve social skills

* To increase leisure activities

* To improve social interaction & awareness of others

* To increase impulsive behavior control


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