Muse for Life provides private & group music therapy sessions for all populations in need, including autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, ADHD, bipolar disorder, addiction, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, injury & rehabilitation, neurological disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, learning disabilities, & psychiatric disorders. We also offer private sensory therapy sessions & sound therapy massage. In additiom, we offer special workshops & events for teachers, parents, & medical professionals, as well as private consultations for parents & schools.

Muse for Life’s music therapy program is led by the center’s founder, Craig Martin Canedy- MMT, MT-BC. Craig is a board certified music therapist who approaches music’s power to therapeutically effect change from an authentically original and time-tested perspective. While Craig and other music therapists at Muse for Life meet music therapy clients individually and create customized treatment plans, information about the general procedures and treatment plans for specific types of music therapy clients are described within various pages of our website and will be discussed in varying detail within this blog.

The mission of the Muse for Life Music Therapy Program is to provide quality music therapy services that foster the development of health, healthy habits, & a healthy lifestyle through the exploration of the elements of music, creativity, relaxation, inspiration, & fun. This blog is intended to aid in carrying out this mission while also helping to deepen the familiarity and appreciation for music therapy as a research based form of therapy.

This is Muse for Life’s Music Therapy Blog. Included in this blog are stories about music therapy at Muse for Life, information about the history of music therapy and its uses, descriptions of methods and techniques, and related ideas. Enjoy, and please connect with us.

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